erotic show
There are no analogues in Ukraine!

Erotic show dream girls

In the Cabaret Paradise at 23.00 a unique theatrical erotic show begins. This is more than striptease. This is a full-fledged erotic performance in 3-D format: with special effects, exclusive numbers, performances by vocalists, artists of the original genre and the best Pole dance dancers in Kiev.

Dream Girls - show program for adults of the best men's club in Kiev. A theatrical erotic show will transfer the guest to Ancient Rome, to the Hawaiian jungle or to the golf course... Actresses on the stage either soar under the ceiling, performing acrobatic performances, or bask in the foam bath. Exclusive performances by artists of the original genre, vocalists, poledance dancers - are more than a striptease.


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Striptease as the art of seduction

Each performance - mini play, where the art of seduction built to the highest degree.
all that men like: beautiful girls, vivid performances, personal communication,
chic and comfort - create an atmosphere of celebration and carelessness


Privat dance

Our girls did not go to school for special agents, but they perfectly keep secrets. After all, privacy is what we value the most. Come to Paradise Cabaret truly relax and get unforgettable sensual emotions.


Artists of strip club Paradise

Are you telling someone about your fantasies? You can tell us. Girls in Paradise Cabaret know how to listen, and some fantasies - even implement.