A session of relaxing massage will help relieve accumulated fatigue and refresh the emotional state. In the VIP-apartments of Cabaret Paradise, guests are offered a shower room and related accessories ( slippers, linen, bathrobe, towel, hairdryer). In such relaxed atmosphere of VIP room quick and easy to restore vitality and the harmony of mind and body.


  • “Playful Fingers” 15 min. 800 UAH
    Light head massage
  • ““Crown of Emperor” 30 min. 1200 UAH
    Head and neck area massage (Shiatsu technique)
  • “Silk Road” 30 min. 2300 UAH
    Anti-stress hands and back massage (Silk bedspreads Technique)
  • “Colibri Kiss” 30 min. 2500 UAH
    Relax massage of the back and head with acupressure elements
  • “Garden of Delights” 60 min. 3500 UAH
    Common fusion massage – a combination of several techniques
  • “Hawaiian night” 90 min. 5500 UAH
    Your body will feel all beauty of the Hawaiian massage